Conserving the Environment via films

Conserving the Environment via films

Friday, November 19, 2010

To "go Big and go Green"

Going big in your business without going green on it at the same time and pace is potentially digging a grave for someone very innocent in the future that you will never
meet but only kill. Let the systems that you have settled for to run the production processes or businesses BREATH.
Let it not only be able to be self rejuvenating as a stand alone project, business or production, but it also feeds and is fed by other systems (Your waste is my resource). LETS think beyond and never settle for less even when it makes business sense. Lets conserve the very environment that we fully depend on for absolutely everything we need and want. Sharp, smart, knowledgeable, creative, minds think about environmental conservation, however much it would end up costing them. Being comfortable today at the expense of our children tomorrow does not make business sense at all. 
So.. Find time to do a detailed tracking of your energy requirements in your entire production, institution, organization or business. How much of it that is wasted? 
What other affordable alternative sources of greener energy are within your means to access?
Other important questions are;
What is your waste generation rate?
Who collects your wastes and where do they damp it?
Do you separate your wastes?
Does your raw materials come from a sustainable source?
This are just but a few of the questions we need to keep asking ourselves as we reach for better opportunities for making more money. If this questions are not relevant in the sector you are in, then other questions are, that need to be asked for the sake of a healthy, sustainable and breathing environment both in the present and in the future.     
by Elijah Chege (CBCF Technical Director - Kenya).

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